Darryl John is a new singer/songwriter originally from London but now lives in Melbourne Australia . Darryl has been writing, producing and recording his new album A Way Of Life with the very talented music Producer Jarred Doueal at Four4ty Recording studio in Melbourne. 

Darryl’s song writing takes you on a journey of overcoming adversity, learning to trust in your own truth and having faith in the universe. The album has a mix of songs ranging from uplifting pop and pop folk anthems to emotional thought provoking piano and acoustic folk ballads.

Darryl John has produced and edited all the music videos him self, designed the Darryljohn.com website and A Way Of Life album cover. Darryl believes that music can have a real healing effect on people lives. Darryl is on a mission to share his music and message of positivity around the world.

“Everything’s gonna be fine. Stay optimistic. If there’s dark clouds coming up they’ll leave again. They always do”. – Noel Gallagher


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